Support for research projects

The Labex offers support for its members' research projects through an ongoing call for projects. We support diverse projects or actions
  • “At risk” projects
  • projects providing structure for the Labex, with the goal of bringing together its various disciplines and laboratories
  • projects that foreshadow : in preparation for responses to national or international proposals
  • setting up international collaboration
  • setting up training


    Next Advisory Board meetings :
  • Tuesday, October 2 (project submission dealine : September 25)
  • Tuesday, November 6 (project submission dealine : October 31)
  • Tuesday December 4 (project submission dealine : Novembre 28)
  • Tuesday, January 8 (project submission dealine : January 2)
  • Wednesday, February 5 (project submission dealine : January 29)
  • Tuesday, March 5 (project submission dealine : February 27)
  • Tuesday, April 2 (project submission dealine : March 27)
  • Tuesday, May 7 (project submission dealine : April 30)
  • Tuesday, June 4 (project submission dealine : May 27)


Interdisciplinary projects and projects including partners from at least two Labex's laboratories will be given priority. This is meant as start-up support (complementing already-acquired support). The start-up budget is 10,000 €, but you can ask for much less or a bit more if your request is fully justified. There are two types of requests :
    Selection process:

    • 1. Evaluation by the Eval group and by the Board of Directors
    • 2. Eventual request for further details and information
    • 3. Final selection

Given that the Board of Directors meets every month, the delay between the beginning of the application period and the final selection is from one to two months. Projects’ description is maximum 5 pages (not including appendices) and must contain all the information listed in the “Formulaire Projet Scientifique”.

Download Files: Files must be sent to Philippe Blache ( and Nadéra Bureau (